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Close of escrow

Close of escrow

Closing Day: Your Essential Guide

Celebrate Your Progress

Congratulations on reaching this point, but there are still vital tasks ahead:

Final Walk-Through

The final inspection, mostly a formality, occurs on the day before or the day of the closing. The buyer and their agent visit the property to confirm completed agreed-upon repairs. This step is crucial to ensure no unexpected issues have arisen, and the property remains as expected.

Transfer of Home Services

Ricky Schoonover is here to assist with this process before the closing. We’ll compile a list for the buyer(s) detailing who to contact for services such as trash pickup and internet providers, making their transition smoother. The responsibility for transferring selected services to their name rests with the buyer.

Be Well-Prepared

Ricky Schoonover ensures you’re ready for every step, even if unexpected issues arise at this late stage. Whether it’s a property malfunction or delays in the buyer’s loan approval, we have the experience to handle them efficiently, minimizing stress.

The Title Company and Closing

The closing agent provides a settlement statement summarizing financial transactions for all parties involved. The buyer(s) sign this statement, and you, along with the closing agent, verify its accuracy. If you can’t attend the scheduled closing, alternate arrangements can be made based on circumstances and notice. If you’re receiving funds from the transaction, you can choose to have them wired to your bank account or receive a check at the closing. The seller should have all property keys and essential information ready for the new owner at the closing.  

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